The purpose of The Fairfield Garden Club shall be to stimulate the knowledge and love of gardening, to share the advantages of association, to protect our natural resources and to encourage conservation and civic improvement through educational programs and community interaction.

All banner photos are contributed by our members.

All banner photos featured throughout the site are contributed by our members.


“Come in to the garden, the wind blows sharply from the north, where the snow still lies, and the clouds hang low, yet it is May-day, and a catbird is singing in the arbour. It is a much-trodden path in a long discovered country, but each one discovers anew when he first sees it for himself.”

1. (The Friendship of Nature, by Mabel Osgood Wright, c.1894, p. 31)




The 1750 Ogden House

Since 1935, The Fairfield Garden Club has collaborated with the owners of the grounds of the saltbox homestead built in 1750 for Jane and David Ogden. This once seventy-five-acre sprawling farm off Bronson Road now only has two acres. The remaining land is bisected by Browns Brook. The original house is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

The American Chestnut Begins Again

Since 2010, The Fairfield Garden Club has been a leader in New England in the national movement to return the lost American chestnut to our northeast forests. In April 2012, the club planted its first generation of 100 hybrid American chestnuts in eight public open spaces across the Town of Fairfield. Every year, in an annual review, the Club observes, tallies, and adds new seedlings where the sites have proven most propitious.

Olmsted Seaside Park

The first public park commission where Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux collaborated outside New York City was in Bridgeport, CT along Long Island Sound. Invited by Nathaniel Wheeler who was impressed by the “artists of New York,” they developed a plan in 1867 for forty-four acres of a gravelly rocky area and a beautiful hilly grove of trees.

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