Go On A RAMPage!

Kim Cooper writes: Ramp season is upon us!  Even though we sadly must delay our FGC Kids’ Club kick off event foraging ramps followed by a cooking demo with Jamie until next spring, you may still head to the woods (a perfect setting to maintain social distance!) in search of these wild spring onions, Allium tricoccum.  You may discover patches of these spring natural wonders over the next few weeks in moist areas, under deciduous trees.  Hint, look on the side of the road on Route 53 in Redding.  Simply pull by the root and be sure to clean when you arrive home.

There are so many different ways to enjoy ramps ranging from simply sautéing in olive oil, adding to your eggs, whipping up pesto, pickling the bulbs, ramp butter and substituting for garlic and onion in any recipe for a taste of spring.  This past Easter Sunday, I made a simple frittata with ramps and potato – yum!

Here are some great links for ramp inspiration in the kitchen –
Google is full of fun when you search ramps!
Here is great article from the New York Times –https://www.nytimes.com/1985/03/31/travel/ramp-feasting-in-west-virginia.htmlCoopers have a new bucket list wish, road trip south next year for a ramp festival!  
Cheers and go on a RAMPage!