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Getting Nostalgic with Butzi Moffit

From Dan Woog’s 06880 Blog I have only a vague recollection of The Separate Shop. That’s okay — I was not the women’s clothing store’s target audience. Plus, it opened before I was born, and was in my early teens when it was sold. I have better memories of The Ice Cream Parlor — a […]

Tasteful Flowers

Tasteful Flowers Ellen Ecker Ogden It’s a humbling reminder that eating flowers is nothing new. The bees have known all along how good flowers can be. Now it’s our turn “We might think we are nurturing our garden, but of course it is our garden nurturing us.” Welcome to the Art of Growing Food newsletter. […]

Three Road Trips to See Amazing Public Sculpture Gardens across New England

Three Road Trips to See Amazing Public Sculpture Gardens across New England From a topiary garden to a Dr. Seuss park and more. From day trips to weekend getaways, our biweekly Traveler newsletter shows you the best of New England and beyond. Claude Monet had his water lilies. Georgia O’Keeffe couldn’t quit the deserts of […]

“Behind the Scenes” at a Flower Show

While clicking on this link from the GCA website, I noticed there is a great sub-section on “Behind the Scenes.”  It covers EVERYTHING interesting about entering flower shows – floral design, hort, photography and Botanical Arts.  Plus other great articles.  Well worth a read on a rainy day. Hat tip: Peggy Moore GCA 2022 Annual […]

Floral Shows Demystified

Why and How to Enter a Flower Show Class 1.Entering in horticulture classes expands your knowledge of growing your own beautiful plants to enjoy for years. Making your own floral design at home becomes so much easier and more enjoyable First time going to a show, go with fellow member. See the early moments of […]

FGC Ladies Take Lake Como

Photos of Villa del Balbiannello – movies “Casino Royals” and “Star Wars” were filmed here   Boating on Lake Como. George Clooney’s home – unfortunately he wasn’t there.

A More “Constructive” Approach For Re-Purposing Fairfield’s Glass Recyclables

A More “Constructive” Approach For Re-Purposing Fairfield’s Glass Recyclables Residents Invited to Participate in Money-Saving Town Program To Separate Recyclable Glass for Use in Sustainable Cement Production Fairfield CT, January 20, 2022 — There’s no question that, for environmentally minded households, being able to toss all kinds of recyclables into the same bin for pick-up – so-called “single […]