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What To Do When Your Honey Crystallizes

What to do when your honey crystallizes Your honey has turned lighter, stuff at the bottom of the jar (or the entire jar’s contents) has solidified. Instead of luscious, liquid honey, it’s turned into a crunchy mess. First, always store honey at room temperature to prevent rapid crystallization. The ideal temperature is somewhere between 55° […]

Three Tools for Successful Windowsill Gardening

Try these three tools for successful windowsill gardening: Moisture Meter (available at Amazon) to see when the plants need watering. Dyna Grow liquid plant food, use 1/4 strength at every watering. Delta Plantcare ultra-fine mist, both plant food and mister are at Gilberties in Westport. Thank you Whitney Vose for your suggestions. Happy Windowsill Gardening!

Planning on Buying A Christmas Tree?

Planning on Buying a Christmas Tree? You might like to know that they’re getting greener and greener. Americans buy 30 million “real” Christmas trees each year. From seedling to sale typically takes eight years. To meet the demand, American farmers have planted roughly 350 million Christmas trees on 170,000 acres. All fifty states grow Christmas […]

“Leave Your Leaves” – A Workshop by the Fairfield Garden Club

“Leave Your Leaves” – A Workshop by the Fairfield Garden Club Leaves are a valuable resource! They add nutrients to our soil, improve drainage and reduce the need to add fertilizers in the spring. You don’t need to remove them all from your lawns and gardens. Work with your landscaper to keep all (or most) […]

Dean Powers’ 9/11 Memorial Lives On at Oak Lawn Cemetery

Dean Powers’ 9/11 Memorial Lives On Below is a wonderful tribute (as covered in the blog 06880) to our friend and supporter Dean Powers, long time groundskeeper of Oak Lawn Cemetery. Before he passed away a year ago, he designed and created (and donated) a tribute to 9/11 at Oak Lawn. It is lovely, serene, […]

Ice Cream Parlor

Butzi Moffitt — who as Butsy Beach owned the original ice cream parlor on Main Street in the 1950s — stopped in to Cold Fusion on Tuesday. The new gelato shop is just a few doors down from the first Ice Cream Parlor (where Brandy Melville is now). Butzi — 93 years young — brought […]

Mattress Recycling Event

MATTRESS RECYCLING EVENT Getting ready to dispose of an old mattress or box spring?  You can arrange to have your item recycled for a useful second life by dropping it off at a free, Town-wide mattress collection event to be held on Saturday, September 18 from 9 am to 1 pm at Veteran’s Park, 909 Reef Road. The […]

Daffodils at Brookside Park

Peggy Moore writes: Taken the day before they barricaded the parking spots at Brookside Park. While this pic would suggest it was unpopulated, quite the contrary, I had to wait for the right opening to get this. I missed getting a pic of a lady posing her dog in front of them. So cute. People […]

Eagle Flying Over Southport Harbor

From Ann Toombs: Flying over Southport Harbor, this bald eagle must be one of the pair that took up residence last summer and can be seen regularly now that it is springtime.